Contributions Made By Us


Any File Encryption / Decryption Prototype

This proposed system is much more productive than the existing system. This system fulfills all the drawbacks of the existing system. This system can encrypt all the types of file. There are no limitations to encrypt the file. For encrypting this use XOR cipher which is a very powerful encryption cipher . This uses the most advanced encryption algorithm SHA-512 for password protection. XOR Encryption is an encryption method used to encrypt data and is hard to crack by brute-force method, i.e generating random encryption keys to match with the correct one

Data Leakage Detection

Data sets are distributed to data distributors, referred to as third-party agents or third-party users. Under certain circumstances, distributed data seems to be published by unknown users. Since employees have access to this information, either by negligence or ill-intent, they may release information. The proposed system mainly focuses on preventing data leaks and finding guilt agents.

Blockchain Encircling Crime

The “FIR Using Blockchain & Encircling Crime” overcomes problems of existing system by providing easy way of solving problems. It reduces processing time by providing better services to user. This system provides easy tracking of complaints, managing records, easy access. It is user friendly, which can be utilized by users to perform operations. This application is convenient, cost effective and efficient online fir system

QR Code Document Authentication and Retrieval

QR codes are systematically used to store and download the private information and documents alongside the General information because of high authentication and security. We proposed a separate concept to enhance the security of the website using the JWT authentication. To use the system, the user registers himself into the system and stores all his documents and other personal details in the dashboard of the particular user. On the basis of those details, the system will generate QR codes respective to the user base of the system. Then the user will be able to scan and download the documents using authentication. When a user sends his/her information to the system, as shown in Figure 6 in response, the system will send the QR code to the user